Sunday, June 29, 2014

Meet The Sisters! Our Version Of The Pointer Sisters!

Juicy(L), Gucci, Coco, Chanel
Cute, adorable, playful, goofy, sweet, don't begin to describe the four Pointer/Terrier sisters (Juicy, Gucci, Coco, Chanel) currently residing at Pet Adoption Fund.

When the plea to save their lives surfaced the internet, the volunteers of a high kill shelter, a remote county shelter in the heart of the desert, were optimistic that the sisters will undoubtedly be rescued by animal lovers in the no-kill rescue community and the plea will surely have a happy ending. After all, who would not want those happy little goofy faces!  But sadly that was not the case for these sisters. The shelter plea to save those precious four lives went unanswered. The clock was ticking. Their days were numbered.

But thanks to one very special volunteer at that shelter, always working around the clock to save lives, she reached out to Pet Adoption Fund, in hopes of saving at least two out of the four, and hoping for a miracle last minute public adoption for the remaining two.

As busy as we were and always are, we could not possibly ignore their plea, but how could we consider only two, when the lives of the other two remain in jeopardy? The answer was...No! We have to take all four...and we are so happy we did.  All four are currently housed together at our kennel, and are as happy and playful and sweet as they can be.  Juicy and Gucci are a bit timid, Chanel is the pack leader, and Coco is the assistant leader.

All four are altered now, vaccinated, chipped, and are ready for their new life journeys. They can be separated, if there is a doggy friend at the new home, otherwise they need to go in pairs, or we would consider one, if the new guardian is a home body. If interested, please call (818) 261-6974 or email


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