Saturday, August 16, 2014

Startling Appearances Changed These Pets’ Futures

Nancy The Kitty:
People gasped when they saw the thin, white-and-black cat scrounging for food along curbs, barely avoiding being hit by cars. Now the stunned reaction to seeing Nancy the younger kitty is because she has a thick row of recent stitches where most of a leg used to be. No one had ever claimed the animal, despite the obvious need. Then one day it was seen with a bandage wrapped around a rear limb. Had someone tried to treat an injury? Was the bandage too tight? Because unfortunately, good intentions soon became bad results. Veterinarians said the combination of not enough living blood vessels and too much infection and damage meant that amputation was required to save the cat’s life.
After abandonment, fighting for survival and suffering much pain and hunger, Nancy is safe with us at the Pet Adoption Fund in Canoga Park and is getting better every day. She’s learning to use her notably shortened fourth leg as kind of a crutch to lean on. In fact, she seems to enjoy being carried, looking all around with big, gold eyes. Despite a traumatic past, Nancy is gentle and cuddly. Please consider giving this special feline a forever home she so deserves. Also visit our Cattery Page to see more available cats!  To DONATE towards Nancy's medical care, click here!

The Easter Egg Color Shih Tzus:
As for orphaned canines, we’re happy to report the adoption of two dogs that, like Nancy the cat mentioned above, were last seen on the streets. To many drivers, they were fuzzy blurs of what looked like dogs but had unexpected bursts of colors as they ran along a very busy street. Mocha and Tim are what a volunteer calls the “Easter Egg Color Shih Tzus” because their owner spray-painted them with green and pink, blue and purple. Neighbors believe the pups were often mistreated. Thankfully, this boy and girl are getting the second chance they deserve — this time with a caring family.

~Volunteer L.K
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