Thursday, October 17, 2013

To Celebrate Fall, Fall in Love With Potential Pets

Thank goodness the cries for help were heard! A little Siamese kitten was found in a car’s engine after meowing loud enough to make the driver check under the hood. He may have crawled in there to get warmth overnight. Saki (pictured at left), as we’ve named him, is only about seven weeks old. What a courageous cutie!
   Additional feline babies this month are: Tripper, Jova, Maxim and Meeka (brother and sister) and Rollo. Other new intakes are girl Torties: Angel, an adult cat who came with two cat friends; and Maude (age 1, has longer hair).
   On the canine side, we recently welcomed some wonderful dogs: Shannon, a young Vizsla mix; Bonnie, a Border Collie pup; Molly (Dalmatian/ Labrador); Lizzy (Australian Shepherd); and Cupid, a female Poodle. Also come meet poodles Max and Pokie, Pets of the Month.
Luke likes long walks and playtime.
   October is “Adopt A Shelter Dog Month.” Your calendar should also include “Consider A Cat!” Choose from about 250 companion animals here that we care for on any given day, including providing food, walks, baths/grooming, and quality time with shelter workers and volunteers.
   Did you know Oct. 27 is National Pit Bull Awareness Day?  We have a variety of grayish-blue ones available: Luke (shown), Blue Bob, Luna and Mia. Be sure to watch their insightful videos. Fun fact: Famous pit bulls include Petey from the “Little Rascals" comedy series, who lived to age 16!
- L.K., volunteer

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