Sunday, January 26, 2014

Barely Surviving Mystery Cats Get Second Chance

This brave parent and her offspring needed protection.
      She heard the loud and long scream in the early morning, when it was still dark outside. The Porter Ranch resident awoke quickly, immediately worried for the scared family of cats her dog had recently discovered behind a backyard bush. Turns out, the brave young mother cat was trying to protect four tiny, vulnerable babies from a pair of hungry, close coyotes the woman was able to scare away. She and her husband had been feeding the homeless felines for a while, but as of yet had been unsuccessful in approaching or  capturing the group in order to save them. However, this lucky night, the terrified kitties ran in the home’s open rear doors ASAP when they had the chance and were guided inside.

   Across the next weeks, the panicky, feral cats learned to trust their saviors, letting themselves be petted and even held. In fact, the mama liked attention so much, the couple thinks she may have been owned before but had been abandoned or left behind. Named Precious, she has a white mark on her chest and an absent ear tip near dots of missing hair, guessed to be the results of a predator's bite.
     Now all are here, again facing another new environment, strangers and the unknown. Will each have enough confidence and good fate to become adoptable and secure someone's interest? Only time will tell. The two girls and two boys are: Panther (the biggest), Baby (smallest), Minnie (dark gray) and Lion King (longer hair than the others). Their rescuers say after getting over initial fear, all these "angels" enjoy belly rubs. Baby disappeared for a while but returned, Lion King "acts tough but loves human touch," sweet Minnie is playful, and Panther is friendly.
- L.K., volunteer

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