Saturday, April 19, 2014

Unusual Traits Will Make You Look Twice

Wait — is that Dachshund missing a leg? From a distance, a small red dog is being walked. It seems to tilt down and sideways with each step, but is moving at a steady pace. It’s Daisy! Despite her handicap (it’s believed she was hit by a car, leading to an amputation), she gets around and even jumps just fine. Such animals called “tripods” definitely have to try harder than “regular” pets to do regular things.
Lily's shape attracts attention.

the three-legged cat is also available. He seems to lay down all day just out of reach. But a peek through a window after closing often reveals him leaping from high hiding places to eat or drink on the ground, then climbing straight up very fast on the other side!

Other cats here get attention for their looks, too. Lily the tabby is so round, joking people like to guess she swallowed a bowling ball. Adorable and Cheerios have extra toes on their front paws, like tiny thumbs; they’re known as polydactyl cats, or “mitten kittens.” Guests ask to shake their hands. Meanwhile, three male cats have a crinkly ear across from their normal ear: Earl, Butterscotch and Edward.

Unique hair highlights Brooke's eyes.
Both tips of Bradley the German Shepherd’s cute ears curl forward, unlike the breed’s typical erect ears. His face coloring kind of gives him the appearance of having thick eyebrows. Bradley, Roxie and Foxtrot are all big Shepherds who probably near a pony in size.

Roxy and Black Jack (Poms), Rusty, Ethan and Champ are among our fuzziest dogs. However, shy Lizzy takes the prize. Her longer, wavy, black-and-white hair prompts questions: Is there a dog under all that? Is that a new or different kind of sheepdog? And we can’t forget Brooke, a sweet Belgian Tervuren with distinctive tufts of blonde hair sticking out beneath her eyes. We’ve heard, “Are those real or pasted on?” and “How did that happen?”

Online searches for pets are convenient, but it’s more interesting meeting them live and up close!
LK, volunteer

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