Sunday, November 9, 2014

Updates Reveal Continuing Success

Pictures of little dogs in big, soft beds abound (cuteness factor = very high!), but seeing that image of Snickers is so pleasing. The small guy with no teeth and thus his tongue hanging out, was here a while and often overlooked, before someone special saw past those physical issues and adopted the sweet angel. At least five years later, we were recently emailed photos of Snickers relaxing peacefully.

Here are some more wonderful updates:
* Oreo (formerly Chispita) reports: “My mom is finding out I love car rides! We drove to pick up my girl a couple times last week. I also visited grandma’s house! Her Chihuahua loves to play with me. Big hugs and sloppy kisses!”
Renamed Potato, Fin the Pug is “very happy, walks on a leash, is now house-trained, and comes to work with me every day.”
* Amber the Min Pin got to wear a hot-dog costume this Halloween.

* Previously easily startled, Friskie the tabby cat now seeks attention and sleeps on her mom’s bed.
Some of our volunteers have been glad to cross paths with past placements or their guardians:
* At a local pet store, Hazel’s dad was buying food for the Staffie/Lab mix.
* Madeline the Doberman was seen enjoying hiking trails in a neighboring county.
* An unforgettable pitbull, Vincent (formerly Chester), now living hours away, visited us this summer.
* After being returned, Silky/Cairn Terrier mix Happy got a second chance with a patient couple.

* After we helped administer eye medicine, Stripes the cat reunited with his caring humans.


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