Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Trying to Turn the Tide of Displaced Pets

Numerous cute puppies are available.
Not a day goes by without requests to take in dogs or cats. As a no-kill shelter, we can only save another if one is adopted so space becomes available. Some of our newest animals are due for some good luck. Vicky the sweet Vizsla mix had been hit by a car. Butterscotch the friendly Staffie and Roxie the cute Terrier were lost and sad strays. A pregnant cat now has four babies (three are still available). Young Jake (Shep/Lab) was left behind when his owners moved. A pregnant Chihuahua mix was deserted at a construction site. Six Kelpie/Collie pups were the third generation born at a ranch before someone realized the dire need to say “no more” and recruited assistance to fix (sterilize) the whole group.
Shorty is a short-haired Saint Bernard.

We know times are tough when purebred dogs become homeless, too, like our residents Spike the English Bulldog, Quinn the miniature poodle, Jackson the German Shepherd, Parker the Papillon, Shorty the St. Bernard, Chinook and Bella (Siberian Huskies), Susie the chocolate Lab, Shangola the Lhasa Apso, Madeline the Doberman Pinscher and more. Visit an impressive variety and choose a match! –L.K, volunteer

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