Thursday, November 15, 2012

Big Beauty Seeks Strong, Savvy, Sensitive Owner

     No doubt about it, Samantha the young Saint Bernard is large and lovely. But depression often sinks in when she realizes being the “one and only” of a new owner who will be a “forever friend” is still just a dream. When still a puppy, Samantha lost the only home she ever had when she got dumped at the shelter. Not much later, she lost the only family she still had when her brother (and kennel roommate) got adopted. Soon, Sam lost the only way she could possibly be saved, too: more time to be seen as available and chosen by a special someone. Thank goodness, Pet Adoption Fund rescued this dog just before euthanasia.
     Samantha enjoys walks, tummy rubs, squeaky toys and running in circles or back and forth with a playmate. She needs a household without other pets or kids. We’re hoping to place Sam with someone familiar with the St. Bernard breed and tendencies—someone strong enough to handle her smartly and safely, yet sensitive enough to always be kind and patient as she learns expectations. If you qualify, please contact us to arrange a meeting! Watch her video here:
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