Thursday, September 12, 2013

From Tiny & Terrified to Protected & Peaceful

These four kittens are quick learners!
So young, their eyes weren’t open yet. So small, they fit in a person’s hand, either shaking and nervous or so still that we worried. So weak and hungry, they could barely lift their heads. No momma cat came with these abandoned kittens huddled together and crying, so someone would have to give the group food, keep them warm, and teach them potty habits. Who would carefully serve the kittens a milk replacement formula every few hours, monitor their progress to soft food, and regularly handle each gently to get them comfortable around humans?

Three babies nurse their young mom.
Our Kennel Supervisor said he’d do it, despite being extremely busy overseeing continuous care of the rescue’s hundreds of dogs and cats, arriving early and staying late each day if needed in addition to being a husband and father with numerous kids and pets at home. Despite his best efforts, one little orphan didn’t survive. But the remaining four are now doing well (see image, above left). Soon they’ll be ready to be adopted!

Other cat offspring arrived anonymously with their mother, so petite she likely isn’t far from being a baby herself. A calm, beautiful gray Tortie, her name is Aisha; we’ve named the kittens Reid, Flynn and Raven before knowing their gender (all shown, above right). Stay tuned for pictures on our website!
- L.K., volunteer

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