Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Not So Fast! These Dogs Like A Less-Active Lifestyle

Stitch hopes to be adopted soon.
Bambi is a sweet Min-Pin mix.
Springtime is all about taking time to smell the flowers. Some dogs here remind us to stop rushing around and just take it all in. For example, Stitch the shy Lhasa Apso mix, Molly the affectionate black terrier, Rusty the Vizsla, Tiffany the white Skye Terrier/Westie (a delicate “prancing princess”), Butch the Tibetan Mastiff mix, Ernie the Pit Bull mix and Fritz (Chow Chow mix) are each older and enjoy slower strolls.
    Vanilla (Labrador Retriever/Shepherd) is a larger, peach-colored girl who waddles. Bow is a big Treeing Walker Coonhound mix who seems to sway, while Dante is a brindle boy with a limp. Ethan the black Chow mix and Chance II (Canaan/Border Collie) simply prefer shorter distances. Tiny Torrie the terrier mix likes being held, and Bambi the pretty Min-Pin mix likes to sit on someone’s lap.

    Many chihuahuas at our rescue shelter appreciate a leisurely walk because they’re so small, including Lucky who is overweight. Others encourage a relaxed pace because their personalities are mellow/super sweet/easygoing, such as Preston the cute Cockapoo, Presley the house-trained beagle mix, and Rudolph the friendly white terrier mix. – L.K., volunteer

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