Sunday, November 3, 2013

Promotional Efforts For Precious Pooches

Tater's "socks" caught someone's eye.
“Why does that dog have white there and there like that?” a teen said, noticing the white chest and feet of Tater. (That’s the unique coloring he was born with as a mixed breed!) Another passer-by inquired, “Why isn’t his tail curved?” (Well, cute Tater has similar coloring of a Basenji, but not that breed’s curved tail. Meanwhile, Happy, a small female mixed breed at our shelter, has both Basenji coloring and its curved tail.) 
 “Does her back itch?” a lady asked, pointing to Lucy the black Lab who rolled around on the ground. (No, either she wants a tummy rub or is just happy!) A man asked, “Is she original?” (Uh, yes, Lucy is purebred.) Some questions that people asked about dogs we brought to a recent event were interesting.
Lucky wore his peacock costume well.
“Why is he so chubby?” a youngster asked of Jesse, a sweet brindle boy. (Maybe Jesse likes food a lot.) “What is he saying?” (Jesse's barking could have meant "Take me with you!" or that he wanted the hot dog the kid was holding!)

The bigger dogs wore Adopt Me! bandanas proudly. But tough competition was nearby: about a dozen little ones, also from our shelter, wore standout outfits. At least three got placed soon afterwards. We hoped those dressed as an octopus, peacock or banana would win the costume contest, but a dog from another rescue, dressed as an angel, took top honors.

Siblings Lance and Lucy received many compliments: “Gorgeous. So friendly! So well-behaved. They seem really connected.” Sadly, no applications were filled out that day for the pair. So, like the booth next door which offered hula hoops as a fundraiser, we packed things up after a while, grateful the weather had been decent. Furthermore, lots of feedback was nice: "Good luck. Keep up the good work. I wish I could help more. Bless you for what you're doing." As always, it was a pleasure to hear: "We adopted from you before. We'll spread the word." - L.K., volunteer

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