Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thank Goodness for Simple Pleasures

Shoelaces. Feathers. Tiny fake mice. Small plastic balls with bells inside. It doesn’t take much to get most cats interested in playing with such toys. Especially if it’s moving, they’re likely to swat, stalk then pounce, bite or roll around with it. We have numerous kittens at the rescue now.

The other day a shiny, crinkly toy was tossed into one group. The quickest grabbed it and the rest crazily ran around following — up, down and all around until it was dropped. Many of the babies can’t be touched yet, but moving a finger toward them gets them curious, tilting their heads, eyes growing big as they climb or reach out a paw to get closer.

Our website features videos of cats of various ages having fun — including Lily, Snoopy, Stripes, Tango and others. Also visit PAF’s Cattery Page for interesting info. about friendly felines needing homes! Here, see video of a Calico named Adorable (at left) playing with yarn pom-poms donated by a woman who made them; as well as Boots, a cute male cat (top video, above left), fascinated by a dog leash put on the floor by a volunteer taking a break from walking dogs.

Speaking of dogs, plenty of the rescue’s adoptables have favorite activities, too. Shannon, Sonic and Foxtrot are boys who love fetching or catching stuffed toy basketballs. Otis likes belly-crawling on grass. Jonesy will happily splash in a small pool put in the play yards on hot days. We know Charity is happy when she zips around in tight circles. Meanwhile, Mary Anne the German Shepherd puppy and Foxy the senior German Shepherd, both enjoy watching their toys float in water. Thank goodness for simple pleasures! LK, volunteer
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