Saturday, June 28, 2014

Heartbreak to Hope: Second Chance For Success

“Why can’t I be taken out? Am I next? Can I be chosen, too? I want attention also!
 Don’t forget about me!” 

Whenever anyone walked by or entered the room, the German Shepherd puppy would begin her barking pleas. She often stood on her rear toes to make sure she was seen as well as heard. But if someone ventured closer, they’d see the “IN RECOVERY” sign on Mary Anne's kennel. They’d see a very friendly, but very thin young dog with barely a few patches of hair.
This desperate girl was found abandoned with a horrible skin ailment. She was confused, in severe discomfort and required isolation to ensure quicker, complete healing. Mary Anne needed anti-parasitic medications, a strict yet optimistic food plan, as well as treatment to ease itching, inflammation or secondary skin infections. Waiting was the toughest part for a growing pup who just wanted to play and give or get some love.  


Immediate and continuous good care has made a notable difference. It's an amazing transformation! View her Before and After pictures here. Mary Anne is now at a healthy weight with a full coat, has favorite toys and shows lots of energy and curiosity during walks. People notice her natural sweetness and size. She has a black diamond mark on her forehead, plus one missing ear tip. However, this tale of woe has become a wagging tail — literally!
Sure enough, the biggest question at this point is: What lucky person or family will adopt her? Because without question, Mary Anne has recovered and is ready. — LK, volunteer

Mary Anne & PAF Volunteer

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