Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Pet Connections Happen if Meant to Be

ADOPTED! Sammy (R) and Kiko (L) going to their forever home.
Upon first meeting, Jax didn’t go to a man calling his name. A walk together turned the tide; not much later, the guy held the cute Westie close to pose for a photo with his new family member. Fate also intervened for Monte, a senior Yorkie who stood out by standing still and quiet during a kennel tour. Turns out, both his age and demeanor were exactly what an elderly lady desired. In a recent email update, she calls him “the best man I’ve had in my life.”

The personalities of dogs named Sammy and Cooper were likewise key factors to getting adopted. Potential owners noticed Sammy wasn’t really into toys, but also noticed and really liked his mellow behavior. As for Cooper, after getting frequent interest for his size and energy, the youngster was soon chosen by someone who loves his “joie de vivre” (joy of life/cheerful spirit).

Numerous cats at this rescue experience similar karma, whether it’s timing, luck or something else special.

New to the cats’ playroom, Gucci preferred to stay in corners. But days ago, the pretty young tabby approached, purred and charmed her way into a visitor’s heart. Weeks ago, Little Foot shared a space with three other babies. Defying the belief that black cats take longer to place, he was chosen over his adorable orange and gray roommates. Color can be a factor in terms of what people want; a month ago, a couple came in looking for a black-and-white kitty. Tess stood out from a group of look-alikes by quickly jumping onto the woman’s lap. After three years here, she’s another success story.

Kiko’s match happened much quicker. The formerly shy kitten jumped onto a door screen with a loud meow to be seen by passers-by, who decided to adopt her the next day. Read about many available felines needing homes by visiting our Cattery page! 
~L.K. Pet Adoption Fund Volunteer

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