Monday, December 17, 2012

Give Homeless Pets Hope and Happiness

Meow! I'm Sari, only 5 months old.
Meow! I'm Nokia, a Siamese mix.

As we embrace the holiday season with wishes of peace, joy and love, we thank every donor whose contributions provide haven, hearts and help for all of our “furry residents.” That includes three kittens rounded up after escaping a box with no lid left near a busy street: Sari the Tortie-colored girl; Nokia the female Siamese mix; and Sunrise, an affectionate male orange tabby. Each will be only five months old this December. 
Meow! I'm Sunrise, a male kitten.
     Although this year is ending, the necessity of animal rescue never does. Remi is a handsome purebred Vizsla whose life was in jeopardy at the pound. He’s safe now at our shelter, awaiting adoption. Come by soon to meet this medium-sized dog who longs to be someone’s loyal companion. Another recent intake is Brandon the young German Shepherd. Constantly tied-up as a puppy, he has abundant energy and eagerness. Luckily, we were able to intervene when Brandon was being taken to the pound.
Just like each month in 2013, each dog and cat here has something different to offer. Find out which ones could be your next family member! – L.K., volunteer (UPDATE: all adopted!)

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