Monday, January 7, 2013

Special-Needs Intakes Require Extra TLC and Financial Commitment

Teri's glaucoma caused a lot of hurt.
Mickey is adjusting to having 3 legs.
   Both Teri the dog and Mickey the cat are recovering after recent traumatic injuries. Teri the Jack Russell Terrier sat shaking at a city shelter with a very swollen, painful eye before her arrival at our rescue.  Unfortunately, the eye could not be saved, and had to be removed, but now she's bouncy and better. Meanwhile, a rear leg of the young marmalade tabby we named Mickey was so damaged it had to be amputated. His confidence grows daily.
    A few others with physical challenges who are here awaiting adoption are: Amos the deaf Siamese cat, with hyperthyroidism and a stomach mass; Gracie the Calico mix (mostly blind but can find her food or litter box); Sampson the friendly orange-and-white female (on insulin); Little Bit, an older female feline with diabetes; and Misiu, a gentle Ragamuffin male with mouth lesions.

    On the dog side is Remmy, a little guy with failing back legs; Benny the blind Min-Pin (diabetes); Champ the Chow Chow/Golden Retriever with a bad hip and limp; and Sparky Boy, a Peke on meds for seizures. Surgery survivors include Jasper and Kirby (each has one eye now); Kellie and Otis (each had a torn ACL); and Lenny, a Fox Terrier/Chihuahua (healed broken leg).
More than ever, the number of our medical cases are at all-time high, while monetary donations
are at all-time low. Your support is much appreciated, and will assist us in reaching out to more in need. To donate, please visit Thank you! For more

about our medical cases, please visit

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