Saturday, December 1, 2012

Faithful Fellow Deserves Similar Devotion

   The bond between a young dog named Jason and a kind stranger is powerful proof of canine loyalty. Living on the streets in a bad neighborhood, the Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler mix was often beaten and terrorized, resulting in a broken leg. He always lingered near the home of a lady who sometimes provided food, but was not able to  take him in. Distraught at his obvious suffering, she asked a friend to get Jason and call rescues. Only Pet Adoption Fund stepped in, providing medical care then placing him with wonderful people. However, Jason soon escaped his new, secure surroundings. He clearly was on a determined journey, because with each sighting the distance increased. Finally, on the third day, Jason approached and followed someone walking her dog. Tired and hungry, and with an injured leg, he sat on their porch during heavy rain. Able to get contact information from microchip details, the woman contacted us. Jason was by then at least 20 miles away from his adopters’ location. Amazingly, he was on a street that would lead straight to the home of the Good Samaritan who gave him a few meals not too long ago. We know Jason will be very devoted to the owner he gets to know, who will share lasting love.

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