Thursday, October 11, 2012

For Future Generations, Neuter and Spay Must be the Way

All of us growing kids need homes ASAP! Can you help?
Our hearts sank when we peeked in the cardboard box. Yes, the fuzzy puppies are adorable. No, these mixed-breed babies don’t know their existence was unplanned, unwanted or both. Another reminder of the pet overpopulation problem—a continuing dilemma. Spaying and neutering is the solution, but without question it’s just not happening, or not happening enough! Too many young, well-behaved companion animals are among millions euthanized every year because shelters and rescues don’t have room, numerous owners and breeders are irresponsible, and there simply aren’t enough homes. So each week that passes, this situation becomes more worrisome. These little Jindo/Labrador Retriever girls and boys have no names at this point, but lots of potential. Hopefully, the mommas won’t have another litter. Hopefully, the outcome will be loving families and successful adoptions, not more sad statistics. In this case, the careless actions of one irresponsible owner with two Jindo females has plenty of people trying to save and place 10 puppies. Spaying/neutering has health and behavioral benefits, as well as low-cost options.

Update 10-29-12:  All pups have been adopted.

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