Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our Wonderful Cats Wonder How Long it Takes?!

Angie will roll around for a belly rub.
We are always surprised and disappointed when visitors say they didn’t know we have cats and kittens on-site, available for adoption.
In fact, both a cat and dog have appeared in our logo and on the side of our building for decades! At any given time, many cats of different ages, sizes, personalities and colors are here to see, get to know, and take home if it’s a match! That includes numerous singles, siblings, friends, pairs, some who must be your only pet, plus a few special-needs cases.
Please contact our cat specialist Julie, and she'll be happy to assist you with choices.  Please call (818) 307-3326.

If you can’t own one, please consider volunteering. The kitties love attention, brushing, cuddling or playing with toys.
Socializing the more shy cats boosts their chances of being adopted. 

Gentle, lovely Layla (grey/brown tabby), charming and chubby Breezy (male), or sweet Angie (black and white) would each be “purr-fect” for an older person. To meet Baloo (boy) or Quinn (girl), both light-orange babies, call Megan at (818) 601-6916.   Please keep us in mind when you are ready to adopt a furry friend.

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