Monday, September 24, 2012

Unpredictable Plot Continues for Plucky Pup

Like a memorable movie, this story has drama, horror, a hero and an ending that creates questions. Like how despite progress in technology and humanity, this kind of thing still happens. A young, gentle, medium-sized dog (since named Oakley) had been hanging around a Midwest truck stop for months. He was tired, afraid, starving, flea-infested, and miraculously had not been hit or run over when he approached a dog of one of the drivers. When that man asked for details, he was told: the small town had no local animal control or pound; no one cared about the dog or knew of any owner; and he should shoot it because that would be the next step anyway. Appalled and fearful for the dog’s future, the man immediately gave it shelter in his truck. He contacted a friend involved with animal rescue in California to arrange possible assistance. Fortunately, the friend is a resourceful volunteer with Pet Adoption Fund. Across numerous states and after arrival, Oakley was given food, water and needed medical aid. **UPDATE (Sept. 25): It's just been discovered that Oakley has a bullet in his neck that can't be removed.** Already, his personality has earned rave reviews. Will this sweet boy be adopted soon? Can Oakley ever forget his traumatic recent past? What made him choose to follow and trust the only person that decided to offer support that fateful day? Stay tuned…
Update as of 10-10-12:  Oakley has found a happy home, but the bullet will always be a reminder of his traumatic past.

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