Monday, September 10, 2012

Join the Effort! Adopt the "Less-Adoptables"

Albert the cat, age 6, is a big sweetie.
They sit and they wait and they hope. But some animals at the rescue keep getting passed by. These extra-special yet overlooked dogs and cats really want and need homes, because they have much love to give and have been here too long. Will they finally get that chance Sept. 17-23, promoted as Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week by Petfinder? Factors that can make different pets seem “less adoptable” than others include age, breed, size, coloring, personality and medical issues. Or, some are “too common” because there are always many of that type.
Sweet senior dogs Chrissy and Brittany are longtime best friends who need to stay together. Also meet Adam the affectionate Tabby and Juliana the svelte Siamese (on special diets); or any of the wonderful black kitties here. Remmy the adult Jack Russell Terrier (pictured at right) has weakening back legs, while Benny the blind Miniature Pinscher has diabetes. Choose from numerous cute Chihuahuas, or please consider one of our precious Pit Bulls. Help many animals overcome stereotypes, negative labels, and bad luck. This is the perfect week to get to know them! View them all online at or visit our Canoga Park facility soon.
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