Monday, August 20, 2012

Survival is a question mark for abandoned pets

One was found whimpering in a crate left in a parking lot. Days later, another Pekingese was seen near trash bins in the scorching sun, too weak and ill to move. Infested by fleas and already showing white gums indicating dying blood circulation, that innocent victim of neglect didn’t make it. The small dog took its last breath on the way to the vet, a soft gasp after a losing struggle. Meanwhile, the Peke we named Mason (pictured, above left and above right) is still recovering. He was covered in ticks and matted hair, therefore battling risks of disease, anemia, even possible paralysis. After a long and complicated shave, Mason looks like he has extreme chicken pox (red scabs all over, no doubt itchy and painful). Maybe the owners of these dogs couldn’t afford treatment, or refused to provide needed care — or both. Receiving such animals is difficult because they are often afraid, in bad shape and require immediate medical aid. Thank you for supporting our rescue’s determined efforts to try to save and help heal so many.
Update as of 10-10-12:  Mason has found a happy home.

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