Saturday, September 13, 2014

Makeovers are Part of the Package

Lizzy and Lily did just fine. We worried that the long-haired dog and cat would be upset and difficult to hold during much-needed grooming sessions. However, that motto “prepare for the worst, expect the best” soon came true. Both available animals were calm, appreciative and mostly sat pretty still for their haircuts and baths. Lizzy’s major trim highlights her standout markings; Lily’s shave-down showcases her distinctive shape.

Others cats with new looks include Candy the white Persian plus black cats Annie, Earl and Jazie Boy-and-girl buddies Banshee and Shiva are currently in the “medium stage” as their natural styles grow out a bit. Some lucky canines here are literally feeling cooler these days as well.

Rescued longtimers Ethan and Rusty are two recent benefactors of complete clips and careful razor work.

Our kennel director is talented, efficient and thorough doing these makeovers. Before being placed in adoptive homes, the dogs and cats in our care are spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated — and it’s no problem to give them a bath or buzz, too.

  ~ L.K., volunteer

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