Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Breeze now

Breeze is a sensational pure bred German Shepherd. This exceptionally sweet Girl is approximately one year old, and was rescued from a city shelter.  She was found wandering the streets, hungry and emaciated. So sweet and trusting, she wandered right up to a homeless man. The two became pals and he shared the little food he had with her. He recognized how very skinny she was and still just a growing baby, he knew he couldn’t keep her. Reluctantly he handed her over to city officials, not knowing what her fate would be.

After I viewed her video online and heard her story I knew I had to save her life. Being a longtime volunteer at PAF and also a dog trainer/behaviorist I knew this Girl was special and made immediate arrangements to come to her rescue. Arriving at Pet Adoption Fund, after her long journey of uncertainty she settled in quickly, and captured the hearts of everyone. Breeze has gained weight and has blossomed into quite a Beauty. 

She’s an adventurous and fun girl. I discovered that she loves water. Her very favorite activity is to be in the kiddy pool with a running water hose splashing! She surely would love the beach. I tested her with toys and she shows no obsession, plays with them and will allow them to be taken away from her. She gets excited when she sees treats, but has learned to sit and wait, before receiving. No signs of resource guarding. Breeze is good with other dogs too, and she has found a special boy at PAF that she loves playing with. I’m certain she will do very well with children. She will make a fantastic family pet - always ready for some fun. 

Breeze when rescued
Although this girl is active, she also settles down quickly and likes laying and relaxing next to you. If you put your arms around her and give her a hug from behind she turns her head back and smiles at you. She also will give you her paw and actually wrap it around your arm. Breeze would love long walks, hiking or jogging and spend indoor relaxing time together with her very own family. She‘s alert of her surroundings and eager to learn. Come in and meet this sweet girl Breeze, you’ll fall in love.

Diana Edwards
The K9 Behavior Savior

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