Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Images and Info. Shouldn't Be Final Factors

Small Joey is immediately friendly!
    I’m glad the dogs and cats here don’t use computers or care about website hits. These days, it’s all about page views, click-through rates, “likes,” and how many followers or friends, etc. Sadly, some of our orphans are labeled as having “no recent activity” because their online photos and bios haven’t been looked at in a while.
Brindle Bosco is a super senior!
    Among smaller dogs not ranked as current “favorites” are Ming (Spaniel mix), Bennie (Sheltie mix) and precious Pumpkin, saved from a shelter in 2007. Each of them is shy at first; however, even several dogs who crawl into laps for cuddles haven’t received recent inquiries, including Nick the Chihuahua and Joey (shown above left).
Cute Boots wants an owner ASAP!
    In terms of how often potential owners express interest, senior or special-needs pets were often at the bottom of the rescue’s long list of available animals. For example, Bosco, a great dog (shown above), as well as cats like three-legged Mickey, plus older Earl, Annie and Ethan (the latter three are lovable, long-haired black cats) were rarely the intended result of Internet searches this past year.
    On the flip side, many people are reading their online details, but dogs named Beenie, Princess, Shammy, Sean and Oso remain homeless. Cats called Boots (shown at left), Adorable and Hitchcock tend to get attention for their looks, but still aren’t adopted. Hopefully, more visitors will be on-site at this shelter these next few months to meet and select their next “furry family member.” - L.K., volunteer

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