Monday, December 2, 2013

Compassionate Contributors Have Inspiring Impact

Chance has been with us since 2007!
Being part of the behind-the-scenes team involves many rewarding moments. Getting dogs like Ethan, Fifi, Apollo, Chance II, Gracie or Lizzy to walk confidently is wonderful. Watching Shammy, Carlisle, Charity or Dee Dee do learned behaviors makes us smile. It’s fun when little longtimers like Della, Pepper, Toby (here since 2007!), Chance, Peter or Pumpkin still get excited for each outing or during any interaction with volunteers. It was a happy achievement when Rembrandt had successful treadmill sessions, leading to less anxiety.

Fifi (a Boxer mix) arrived in 2009.
Within this season of giving thanks, we extend gratitude to our dedicated volunteers. Several offer brief, but always positive support. Some stay for hours, some are seen regularly, while others appear as often as possible. A few continue their efforts off-site, helping with things like home visits, needed supplies, online promotions, training, fostering, mobile adoptions and more.
Pretty Marisa waits for a new owner.

There’s the girl who gives extra attention to black cats (her favorites), the friends who entice felines with treats or toys, the woman who pets older cats until they purr, and the couple who cuddle kittens to get them used to people. We also definitely appreciate those who exercise the challenging dogs, those who work with the shy or scared animals, and those who oversee the office. 

Free, kind and knowledgeable assistance is truly a treasured and valuable resource, especially for the hundreds of potential pets here.
  - L.K., volunteer

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