Sunday, October 26, 2014

Delightful Discoveries Happen Daily

Adorable stuffed toys don’t do it. A squeaky-squishy earns only mild interest. But young Cudi gets excited when a tennis ball bounces. He jumps high to make skillful grabs, then parades around proudly with each catch, changing a round of fetch into a keep-away game. By the way, Cudi figured out a hidden-treats puzzle in less than a minute. Learning more about habits of rescued pets here can be fun or surprising. 

More examples are: Tiny Calvin isn’t at all afraid of larger or tall people. Sandy the Shepherd tries to fit on a lap. Blind Benny greets strangers confidently. The Pointer-mix sisters are calmer and steal kisses when separated. Giant Titus is gentle and quiet.  Sweet, small Sadie and Lucky don’t mind wearing costumes. Furthermore, Dutch, Luke and Kai get along fine with cats. 

Speaking of cats, we now know Missy likes tummy rubs — unusual for felines. Coco will go crazy with moving feathers. Curious Marcela balances on narrow window sills with ease. Keyatee asks to be petted. Also, Angela and Bobby have become head-rubbing buddies. 
– LK, volunteer

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