Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Matchmaking Process Unpredictable But Worthwhile

These brothers were placed together!
     For people choosing pets, the mutual attraction can be instant, or more involved. Last year, a man who came to look at Ada the Labrador after seeing her on our website declared, “I’ll take her!” when she approached with her tail wagging and rolled over for a belly rub. Last month, a cat named Zane convinced a woman to take him home by reaching out with a paw to stroke her grandson’s hair. Last week, young girls giggled at a Saint Bernard’s friendly slobber and got her to sit on command before telling their parents, “We want her!”

Both Jingles the pup and Dixie the Coonhound had numerous meet-and-greet sessions with other dogs before finding new families. The new owner of two kittens visited twice to decide to take them. Timing often plays a part; for instance, if you have an extended holiday off from work to get to know an animal addition, or if you’ve finally moved into a place with a big yard, or perhaps you need to wait until after remodeling the kitchen or returning from a trip, etc.|

Some visitors have voiced unique qualifications for dogs, including: will guard our horses but not get too close to them; will fit in the “U-shape” on the floor behind my truck’s driver’s seat; or a dog that “will eat what I make, because no one else in the family does.” Some potential cat adopters have requested one that will talk back, or “will watch my favorite TV shows with me.”         

In any case, we always want a standout match for both sides. Come by soon to make it happen! — L.K., volunteer

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